Medical tourism


Policlinic: St. F. Gladkova, 31

Diagnostic building: St. F.Gladkova, 25 B

Surgical Building No. 1: St. F.Gladkova, 23

Surgical building No. 2: St. F. Gladkova, 25 A

(8352) 62-02-88, 21-64-03


Republican clinical Oncology dispensary is a modern medical institution providing specialized and high-tech medical care. Annually, more than 10 thousand patients are treated in the hospital, more than 70 thousand people receive consulting assistance.

Our institution has all the necessary conditions for screening and Checkup of health problems. What is screening? It includes all the necessary modern high-tech research to determine the risks of cancer development and detecting it at the asymptomatic stage. Personalized prevention and early diagnosis help to avoid severe disease even at increased risks.

 CANCER screening-TOTAL for men

  • CANCER screening TOTAL for women
  • Cancer SCREENING-OPTIMUM for men
  • Cancer SCREENING-OPTIMUM for women
  • CANCER screening without contrast
  • CANCER screening with intravenous contrast
  • Oncopathology of the gastrointestinal tract without anesthesia
  • Oncopathology of the gastrointestinal tract with anesthesia

Checkup is a comprehensive medical examination, giving the opportunity to explore as many as possible body systems. The task of the Checkup is to ensure good health and well-being on a scientific basis. Our Checkup programs:

  • Comprehensive medical examination

Checkup «Health-Start»

Checkup "Health-start" allows to conduct an optimal set of studies and get the most necessary information about the state of the body for a short period of time.

  • Comprehensive medical examination

CHECKUP " Health-Medium»

Checkup "Health-Medium" is created specifically for the diagnosis of diseases at an early stage. Allows you to identify the most common diseases before they manifest themselves and affect your health.

  • Comprehensive medical examination

CHECKUP " Health-Premium»

The most complete system check of your body.

For cancer screening and checkup we use modern methods of diagnosis of diseases:

  • Expert-class ultrasound examinations;
  • All types of radiodiagnostics (MRI / CT/x-Ray);
  • Radionuclide diagnostics;
  • Endoscopic examination;
  • Clinical and biochemical, cytological, immunological, genetic studies.

 We can arrange treatment in the following areas:

  • cancer of the gastrointestinal tract (stomach, intestines, esophagus);
  • tumors of the head and neck;
  • tumors of the female reproductive system;
  • tumors of the male reproductive system;
  • tumors of the liver, lungs and other organs of the chest;
  • breast cancer and skin tumors;
  • thyroid cancer, leukemia, tumors of the hands.

Applied methods of treatment of Oncology:

  • organ-preserving operations and minimally invasive methods of surgery;
  • chemotherapy;
  • radiation and combined treatment methods.

These are just the main directions. We also organize treatment and rehabilitation. We offer care services for bedridden and sedentary patients with a diagnosis of dementia, diabetes mellitus, hypertension, as well as care and care for elderly people who need daily attention and care. The services include:

  • round-the-clock accommodation in rooms equipped with everything necessary;
  • daily medical examinations, round-the-clock presence of a nurse;
  • control of medication and the implementation of medical recommendations;
  • five meals a day, including diet;
  • assistance in performing hygiene procedures.

All stages of treatment comply with all Russian and international quality standards. Our medical institution has a certificate of compliance with the requirements of state standard ISO R 9001-2015. The institution actively cooperates with the largest oncological centers in Russia and abroad.